Taijutsu Level 1 – Foundations of Self-Protection

Begin your adventure in effective physical, intellectual, and emotional self-protection – an exciting excursion into empowering self development. To determine the most common surprise attack ambush assaults, we interviewed law enforcement officers, security professionals, nightclub doormen, emergency room doctors – and even coroners. We then designed our first phase to show you how to win in the 12 surprise attacks most likely to occur, how to rescue people in those 12 threat situations, how to use 12 natural body self-defense tools, and how to develop the grounded presence of focused command in high-pressure situations.


Taijutsu Level 2 – Advanced Self-Protection

Build your skills in success-generating principles of personal confidence, ability to recognize potential danger as it builds, and capability to respond effectively under pressure. When it is not a surprise attack and you know you must stay and defend yourself, you have to be trained and ready to win a fight. Level 2 adds advanced concepts in fighting footwork and intelligent power. We show you how to develop the eyes and mind to recognize danger as it builds. You can then be in just the right place at just the right moment to control the conflict on your terms.


Taijutsu Level 3 – Path of the Protector Martial Arts

Perfect your protector skills as your training evolves into a personal exploration of power — a path to self-mastery. Learn to use evasive lock-up captures to slip by danger and immobilize an aggressor. Your capacity and confidence evolve as you explore the third-step set of advanced applications leading to Black Belt in To-Shin Do. You live up to your fullest potential, the “exciting peace” of coming home to the truth of just how strong you really are.


Taijutsu Level 4 – Black Belt Mastery

Learning doesn’t stop at Black Belt. That’s where highest mastery begins! Personalize your training for a winning spirit in all of life’s challenges. Advanced skills include how to use less effort to generate more speed and power, how to respond with grace and intelligence when confronted with brutality and ignorance, how to rescue and protect others, and how to deal with multiple attackers, assailants with weapons, or aggressors skilled in street-fighting or other martial arts.



Children 4 to 7 years old have fun learning how to find safety, earn confidence, and gain new skills of thinking, speaking, and acting. Respect for others is taught (kids enjoy helping other kids), with lots of focused concentration (kids thrive on it), and lots of laughter (kids love it). Classes are safe and non-competitive and emphasize learning how to learn. “Confident, On-purpose, On-target, Leadership” – What a C.O.O.L. program for your child.


Warrior Workshops

Weekly optional classes offer a range of special training opportunities.

  • Explore the role of mind, emotion, and awareness through our mind science classes
  • Practice our Ryu-Tai Dragon Body ninja yoga
  • Study classical martial arts in armed and unarmed training from our historical lineages from Japan
  • Learn how to share your knowledge through courses in coaching others to martial arts success
  • Study the techniques of dignitary protection bodyguard roles
  • Tone your body with our Quest Fit fitness classes
  • Become certified in emergency first aid
  • Learn how to deliver -– and take -– a kick or hit in the movies.


Ryu Tai Dragon Body Ninja Yoga

Our body energies work naturally to maintain optimum health and vitality. But over the years we suffer accumulated damage from toxins, stressful living and wear-and-tear.

We can stimulate the body’s three purifying systems of lymph, blood circulation and digestion using the Ryu Tai scientific system of gentle twists, stretches and pressure-point exercises to enhance, restore, and regenerate our health, suppleness, mental clarity and longevity.



Private Lessons

In person at the dojo, or by Skype over the internet, private lessons are a great way to accelerate your progress! We focus on just what you need to learn, and personally coach you towards whatever specific skills and powers you seek.

Phone us at 937 436-9990 so we can find out what you need and how we might build a program for you.

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